Vdermastudio is a new specialized dermatological center where it is possible to have a consultation for the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, for the prevention and treatment of cancerous and precancerous lesions of the skin, and for aesthetic purposes.
The office features state-of-the-art instruments, ample space offering privacy to the patient, and the possibility of performing low-invasive, office-based surgery.
Each patient is followed in his/her personal diagnostic and treatment course, and is encouraged to communicate to the specialist anything regarding his/her personal needs or any questions at any time.
All aesthetic dermatology is performed keeping in mind that aesthetic improvement should go hand in hand with an overall improvement in general health, while employing the most effective yet safest materials and techniques.
The office is further able to direct those patients requiring particular diagnostic or therapeutic techniques to referral centers.


Specialized dermatologic consultations

Skin tumor prevention

Dermatoscopy of nevi

Prevention of non-melanoma skin cancers

Dermatological emergencies

Burns and acute wounds treatment


Surgical removal of nevi

Surgical removal of benign or malignant skin tumors

Medical and Surgical treatment of acne scars

Laser Surgery

Benign skin lesion treatment

Precancerous skin lesion treatment

Treatment of spots, angiomas and microvarices

Photodynamic Therapy

Skin tumor removal without surgery

Precancerous lesion removal and skin tumor prevention


Benign skin lesion removal (ex.: warts)

Precancerous skin lesion removal

Medical tricology

Diagnosis and therapy of hair loss

Dermatological diagnostics

Face rejuvenation

with fractional laser

with ablative laser

skin wrinkles treatment with botox

with fillers for wrinkles, scars and face volume defects

Soft rejuvenation of the face

with non-ablative laser

with Photodynamic therapy

Hand rejuvenation

Treatment of vascular, cuoperose and capillary leg lesions

Treatment of facial and body spots

Superficial, medium and deep peelings for acne, spots and face rejuvenation

Laser -assisted hair removal

Alex laser treatment

Hyperandrogenisms and Hirsutism diagnosis

Consultation bookings at +39 0584 361360 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Urgent dermatological cases may be received the same day.
It is possible to have consultations at home or by telemedicine. Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish.

VDermastudio, Via Vetraia, 7 (c/o Italmaco 1) 55049 VIAREGGIO Italy
Phone: +39 0584 361360 - fax +39 0584 361361 -

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